How to Make a Small Business Website: Beginner’s Guide for 2023

How To Make A Small Business Website

Alternatively, a content management system offers more advanced customization and control over site configuration. Nalen Ayurveda is one example of an online store built using Hostinger that features a subtle layout design and responsive pages. The site’s background color also matches the product package, reflecting the tranquility of the brand. Page loading speed is essential for improving search engine optimization and overall user experience. Additionally, customers can leave reviews and upload pictures directly to your profile, which can improve your business credibility and encourage people to visit your store. Despite this, some small business owners are still hesitant to invest in a website.

Can we create your own website for free?

Wix, Weebly and WordPress are website builders that offer their services for free in addition to a subdomain.

The platform also comes with built-in SEO tools to help you rank well on search engines, ensuring that your website is easily discoverable by potential customers. Adding an online store to your small business website is easy with the Mailchimp website builder. Before you start your online store, you’ll need a domain name, a web host, an SSL certificate, and something to sell. One of the easiest ways to design a website for your small business is to use what works—avoid the temptation to reinvent the wheel. Find a company with a similar product or service as yours and a high page rank in search engines.

The best website builders for small businesses

However, bear in mind that there shouldn’t be too many plugins and that there are many free and paid plugins available for WordPress that are excellent. You can find examples of some by doing a Google search for “small business websites” or by browsing through some of the top design galleries online. An excellent example of this would be if you own a pizza restaurant. You might want to choose a website address like or, even better—

How To Make A Small Business Website

You can also use plugins like All in One SEO to ensure your content follows the best SEO practices to rank higher. The fact is, if you’re not asking customers for reviews and showcasing them, you’re missing out on a significant number of sales. A lot of users might see a lack of reviews as an indicator that your business is new or that it’s untrustworthy. This fantastic program lets you work on your site both offline and when connected to the internet.

Building a Business Website: A Small Business Guide

Every business should include pertinent information like who you are, what you do and how you can be contacted? Your site should also include the products or services you sell, along with an easy way for customers to make purchases online. Businesses may want to include mission statements, reviews, testimonials and a regularly updated blog that provides valuable information regarding the company and industry. The Personal plan costs $9 a month and allows the use of a custom domain name, removal of Weebly branding, ability to sell digital goods, and access to a shipping calculator. During the kick-off meeting we discuss design factors such as colors and target audience.

  • With a personalized video, people are more likely to spend a longer time on the site, which may result in a higher conversion rate.
  • Create boxes that feature your core products or services and include about 100 words of content with each.
  • For instance, a dentist’s office would need a completely different website than an architecture firm.
  • If you use software such as WordPress, you have access to themes that are responsive out of the box.

What you need to include on your public-facing website will vary based on the nature of your business, but some features apply to the vast majority of business websites. A hosting service is a company you use to put your website online. They “host” your site by providing a place How To Make A Small Business Website for it to reside on the internet. Wanda enjoys helping people become more successful online by sharing her expertise in digital marketing and website development. In her free time, she loves reading mystery books, thrifting for vintage clothes, and exploring aesthetic cafes.

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